Mississippi Valley Sportsman is a Bi-State Non-Profit Conservation Organization dedicated to using the majority of the funds raised for local habitat projects and to advance the opportunities of youth and adult sportspersons in Iowa and Illinois.


  1. To create interest in preserving and improving wetland, upland and timber habitat in the Iowa and Illinois region.

  2. To educate the public to the importance of wildlife conservation.

  3. the preservation and restoration of wetlands, timber and grasslands.

  4. To organize local groups of concerned sportspeople, wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists and combine resources to identify, fund and implement local habitat projects.

  5. To help educate our youth in good conservation practices and promote outdoor sporting opportunities that will foster future generations of sportspersons and conservationists.

  6. To raise funds from local banquets and promotions where the marjority of those funds will be used exclusively for local habitat and wildlife conservation.